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To update your card details you will need to login to either WorldPay or PayPal.


If you paid via credit or debit card via WorldPay click here: https://www.nethosted.co.uk/worldpay
(any non-PayPal card payment is made through WorldPay)

Your WorldPay email address and password are the ones that you used when you created the agreement. If you have forgotten your password you can recover this using your agreement ID, this will be written on the payment receipts that are emailed to you.

Please note that NetHosted cannot recover your WorldPay password, if you have no way of retrieving this please submit a support ticket and we can cancel the agreement so you can set up a new one.


If you paid via PayPal click here: https://www.nethosted.co.uk/paypal

You will be taken to a page where you will be able to login and update your card details using your PayPal login information.


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