Sync Staging Website changes via Installatron (Live to Staging / Staging to Live) for WordPress Print

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To sync any changes from your two installs (either live to staging or vice versa) simply go to Installatron in cPanel and under the “My Applications” view you can see both of your site installs.

Here you want to click the rotating arrow icon (this will show “sync” on hovering over the button) of the install that you wish to push changes from one install to the other.

In this situation we’ll be using the staging site as a demo.


Once we’ve clicked the sync button we’ll be brought to the sync page where we can select/review the sync settings.


You can check that the “Source” is set to the install that you selected to sync from to ensure you’ve selected the correct one.


Under destination you can select which files/folders & database tables will be copied & overwritten to the destination install.


At the bottom section you’ll see a backup section, this will take a backup of the destination site before the sync process starts as a fall-back to restore to in the situation where you might have any issues.

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