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To create a website using Installatron, login to cPanel and click the "Installatron Applications Installer" icon under the software section:

Installatron Icon in cPanel


Browse the applications available and click on the icon of the application you wish to install. For this example Wordpress will be installed:

Installatron applications list


Click the "install this application" button:

Installatron install button


You'll be prompted for the website information, including the domain, directory, version of the application and the admin user details. Once you've entered this information, click the "Install" button at the botton of the page to continue:

Installatron install button


Installatron will process this and automatically install the application files and database, you do not need to upload any files or create the MySQL database beforehand. A progress bar will be shown to indicate the application is being installed and finally the application will appear:

Installatron installed application


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