Enabling SPF & DKIM on cPanel for Sender Policy Framework Email Authentication Print

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To enable SPF and DKIM on your cPanel hosting enter the Email Deliverability section:


Click the Manage button to add, edit or view the records for a domain:


If you click the "Install the suggested record" button this sets up a basic SPF record that will work for mail sent from your hosting account that is set in the MX record for your domain:


The same process can be used for setting up DKIM.

Clicking the Customize link allows you to specify further hosts that your SPF record authorises to send mail from, this adds these hosts to the DNS zone file.

If you are using an external DNS provider then please ensure your SPF record contains +include:spf.solardns.com which is required to ensure our outgoing email IPs are validated by your SPF record.

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