What are my email server details (IMAP/POP3/SMTP)

Your email server details are as follows:

Incoming Mail Server: server.solardns.com – e.g. luna.solardns.com if you are on Luna, your server name is in your welcome email or can be found in the browser address bar when you login to cPanel.

Incoming Mail Server Port (POP3 SSL): 995
Incoming Mail Server Port (IMAP SSL): 993
Account Username Format: user+yourdomain.com

Outgoing Mail Server: server.solardns.com
Outgoing Mail Server Port (SSL): 465

Mail is supported via a secure SSL connection, you must select the SSL option for both your incoming and outgoing mailserver in your email client. You must also enable SMTP Authentication to send mail through our servers as part of our spam prevention measures.

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