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In cPanel go to the Backups section. You can see the “Download a MySQL Database Backup” option, showing your databases underneath. To download a backup, click the database name zipped backup of your database in .sql.gz format will be downloaded. This is downloaded in gzip format, which can be extracted by applications such as WinRAR, Winzip and 7Zip. After extraction you can view the SQL code which can create the database and all the data contained within. The .sql.gz file you have downloaded is the backup of your database, you should keep this file safe in case restoration is needed in the future.


Database backup selection


To restore the database go to the Backups section of your cPanel hosting account. Look for the “Restore a MySQL Database” section and press the choose button. Find the backup you have stored on your computer and select it and click upload. This will restore your database from the backup.

Please note that you may have to delete the database you are restoring before you restore it, you can do this from the MySQL Databases section in cPanel.


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