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The formmail script that we recommend is Tectite PHP Formmail which is a very comprehensive, secure and free to use PHP formmailer.

This can be downloaded here: download formmail

Once downloaded you should extract the files and make the following edits:

Edit formmail.php changing $TARGET_EMAIL to a domain that you want the form to be able to email, this is your receiving domain, e.g. for this is what we set it to:

$TARGET_EMAIL = array(EMAIL_NAME."@nethosted\.co\.uk$");

A few lines below this edit the DEF_ALERT value to a default email you want alerts to go to, for it is set to:


That is the entire formmail configuration necessary, you then just need to edit the default form to put in some info, this is very well commented so going through this sampleform.htm file you can’t really go wrong, the only things you actually need to setup are the post address (STEP 1 in the comments) to the full path to the formmail script on your site, and the recipient address (STEP 2 in the comments) which is where the form submission gets sent to.

Of course you can then customise the sample form and build it into your site to make it look attractive, but this is all that is needed for the basic setup.


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