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An SSL Certificate creates a private channel which encrypts the data throughout transmission, and as these certificates are issued by trusted sources your clients can be assured that the padlock icon means their data will be secure. This covers a single domain and the www. subdomain, other subdomains would require a separate SSL certificate if they also need to be covered by SSL.

To install an SSL Certificate on your domain it must be hosted on a dedicated IP address, these can be purchased through the Order Account Addons section in your Client Area. 

When ordering an SSL certificate you can specify the domain this is required for in the order notes, please note that the required IP change will mean your site may be unavailable to recent visitors for up to 4 hours if they have the previous IP cached though new visitors won't be affected, we can schedule this for outside of office hours if required.

After you have given us this information and payment has been made we will install the SSL Certificate on your web hosting account, you may need to make changes to any application installed to ensure that it loads resources via https then your site will be secure, showing visitors the padlock icon and giving them the assurance that any details entered on your website are encrypted and transmitted securely.

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