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If you cannot access your site but you can view other sites the first thing you should check is our status page which shows the live status of our servers updated in real time. This is viewable here:

If the server you are hosted on is running fine but you do not appear to be able to access your site but can access other sites it is possible you have been blocked by our firewall. This will ban your IP if you have repeatedly failed logins for services such as FTP, Email or cPanel hosting account logins. If you think this might be the case you should take a traceroute to your server, to do this on windows run the following in a command prompt:


You should then find out your IP, you can do this using our script (, and put the results of the traceroute and your IP into a ticket to support stating that you cannot access your site. We can then use this information to determine the cause and unblock you if needed.


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