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There may be some circumstances where you wish to flush the DNS cache, when you move your account to a NetHosted web hosting account from an old provider, or purchase a dedicated IP for your site for example. This can seem to speed up the process as the hostname will resolve to the correct IP quicker.

This is how to flush the DNS cache on various operating systems:

WINDOWS: Run the command “ipconfig /flushdns” via the Start -> Run menu.

LINUX: Use the command “/etc/init.d/nscd restart” from the shell.

MAC OSX: Use the command “dnscacheutil -flushcache” or prior to 10.5.1 “lookupd -flushcache”

Please note that this will only flush your local computer cache, if your DNS servers also use caching then you will have to wait for the cached IP to expire.

It may speed up clearing the cache if you restart your router, and you can also use private browsing modes in your web browser to avoid cached requests locally.


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