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An SSL Certificate creates a private channel which encrypts the data throughout transmission, and as these certificates are issued by trusted sources your clients can be assured that the padlock icon means their data will be secure.

To install an SSL Certificate on your domain it must be hosted on a dedicated IP address, these can be purchased through the Order Account Addons section in your Client Area. It’s possible to order the SSL Certificate with the IP, or separately through the Order Account Addons option.

After the certificate is ordered we need some further information which you can submit to us via a ticket to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The CSR is needed to setup an SSL Certificate, this is as follows:

SSL Hostname: This is the site to make the certificate for, usually begins www.
Country: GB
Company Name:
Company Division:
Email: This should be a site contact email

After you have given us this information and payment has been sent we will install the SSL Certificate on your web hosting account and your site will be secure, showing visitors the padlock icon giving them the assurance that their details are safe.


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