Restoring a backup using ATLAS (R1soft) and cPanel

Our R1Soft Backup system allows you to restore backups of files and folders to your account from up to 1 month ago in a few clicks, we believe this is the best backup solution available for shared hosting. Here is a quick guide on how to restore your files.


Firstly login to your cPanel and select the R1Soft icon shown below:

cPanel R1Soft Restore Backup


You will see a list of times and dates for all the backups of your files that are available to be restored, and can view the files in a backup by clicking the Browse button:

R1Soft User Restore Tree View


To restore your whole account select the home directory and then click the Restore Selected button in the top bar as shown below:

ATLAS Restore whole account

Alternatively, decend into the home directory and restore any individual files or folders as required.


Once you have selected the files/folders you wish to restore and pressed the restore button you will see the following notification. Simply confirm by clicking the Restore button:

ATLAS Backup Restore Confirm


The restore process will start and you will be shown the progress.


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