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To direct spam emails to a spam folder on your email account you can follow these instructions:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Navigate to “USER LEVEL FILTERING”
  3. Click “MANAGE FILTERS” next to the email account you would like to make the change on
  5. Name your new filter
  6. Select “SUBJECT” from the first drop down box and “CONTAINS” from the second
  7. Enter: [SPAM] into the box beneath
  8. Click the “ACTIONS” drop down and select “DELIVER TO FOLDER”, click “Browse” and navigate to your spambox/spam (or any other folder you wish to use) folder. Alternatively you can select “DISCARD” if you just wish to delete these spam mails straight away.
  9. Click “Create”
  10. Access SOLAR Spam Filtering in cPanel
  11. Select “Filter Settings”


  12. Uncheck the “Quarantine Enabled” box and enter “[spam]” in the Spam Notation field then Save


This is now set up.


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