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  1. Access SOLAR Spam Filtering in cPanel
  2. Select “Filter Settings”


  • You can modify the following settings to your requirements for spam filtering:

  • QUARANTINE ENABLED: This is recommended to be checked as it will keep spam messages out of your inbox and in the quarantine box, disabling this will mean that spam messages arrive at your mailbox.

  • QUARANTINE THRESHOLD: Lowering this value will increase the spam sensitivity filtering more spam, and increasing it will thus filter less spam. You can check incoming email headers for the value assigned to a message which will be shown as a number in the X-SpamExperts-Evidence section.

  • UNSURE NOTATION THRESHOLD: Lowering this value will increase the amount of messages classified as unsure, these messages are not filtered but can be tagged using the Unsure notation setting below.

  • SKIP SPF CHECK: This will disable SPF checks on incoming messages.

  • SKIP MAXIMUM LINE LENGTH CHECK: This means that emails for all the domains using the default settings will not be subject to the RFC email standards line length checks.

  • UNSURE NOTATION: This will tag message subjects with text inserted in this field for messages over the Unsure notation threshold. It can be used for email filtering by subject.

  • QUARANTINE RESPONSE: This you can set if you, for example, do not want senders to receive a bounce message when their mail gets blocked and quarantined. If you set it to Accept the message, the SMTP response would be 2xx accept however the message would still be blocked and shows in the Spam Quarantine.




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