Taking a full cPanel account backup

Once you have logged in to your cPanel hosting control panel choose the backup section. Click the "Download a Full Website Backup" button and you will see a list of any available backups ready for downloading. Here you will also see the following to generate a full backup:


Full cPanel Backup


BACKUP DESTINATION: Home Directory is the default setting that creates a backup in your web hosting account that can be downloaded. Remote FTP Server is used to move this backup straight to an FTP account which could be the case if you are changing web hosting. Secure Copy requires SSH access which would only be used in the case of dedicated server hosting.

EMAIL ADDRESS: If you enter your email address here you will be notified when the backup completes.

Remote FTP Server:

REMOTE SERVER/USER/PASSWORD/PORT: If you select the remote server option you must enter the remote IP address, username, password and port, if not then leave these blank.

REMOTE DIR: If you choose the remote server option enter the remote directory for the FTP here if you need one. Once you have filled these in click the Generate Backup button and your cPanel hosting backup will be created.


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